Pipeling our reality

Hadn’t really thought hard about how the internet of things and pipe-lining work together. But listening to John Kestner on ITConversations recently, I’ve been re-thinking about some of thoughts around pipe-lining.

Those way back might remember I have a massive thing about pipeling born from my love of using Apache Cocoon and XML. Theres actually a very cool XML syntax called Xproc which I’ve yet to really check out in any detail.

I thought about ways to extend Yahoo! Pipes and declared my love for if this then that. But reaching out into the physical world is something else all together…

Twine is a wireless module tightly integrated with a cloud-based service. The module has WiFi, on-board temperature and vibration sensors, and an expansion connector for other sensors.” Developer John Kestner describes the device and its development. He reviews how it works, what decisions were made in its design, and how It allows you to connect things to the Internet. He also discusses the community that is working to make the product better.

I saw pachube.com a while ago but never really blogged it or thought hard about it. But you can certainly think about how ifttt and pachube could work together really nicely.

The ability to automate and manipulate the physical world is something very special. I’d certainly like to investigate a little deeper in the near future.

Author: Ianforrester

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