Next Generation DJ Competition

Next Generation DJ is a competition bought to you by internationally renowned dance music brands Pioneer, Beatport, DJ Magazine and It is set to be the biggest and most wide reaching DJ contest of all time. And we don't use these words lightly…

We’re setting out to discover and launch the next superstar DJ, and it’s all taking place on the world’s fastest growing mix platform,

So I'll be entering this one for sure. Once I sort out Virtualbox again with the pacemaker hardware, i'll start mixing up even more mixes that ever before. I got a massive back log of mixing to do. I had considered uploading one of my previous mixes. But the way the competition sounds, everyone will be doing plenty of post editing to increase the impact of the mixes.

Interestingly enough 8 of the top 10 djs of the world are trance djs.

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Author: Ianforrester

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