Storytlr joins Sweetcron in the opensourced club

Storytlr: we're now open

Full credit to the guys behind storytlr, they have fully open sourced the storytlr platform in record time under the Apache 2.0 licence.

As promised a while ago, we are open sourcing our platform. A first version is now available at with a detailed set of instructions on how to install.

With this code, you can host your own storytlr on your own server (or on a shared hosting environment). By default, it is setup as a single user mode, but you can easily change it to a multi user host and therefore reproduce the exact service we are hosting on the current

If you remember they announced they were shutting down the service a while back, they want to move on to bigger and better things. Funny enough in that period Sweetcron also went open source and the creator moved on to something else. Sweetcron is GNU GPL 3.0 licensed and seems a lot harder to install that Storytlr.

Right now I'm still using for but I am going to install Storytlr and switch it over when I get the chance. I'd also like to do some changes to the code to support APML for one of my projects, I had also considered using storytlr lightly to dynamically pull together BBC backstage media and something very special which I won't reveal yet.

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