R&DTV episode 3 launches with a TEDxManchester feel

Episode 3 of R&DTV has finally been released. Well the the short version of Episode 3 of R&DTV has been for now. The official R&DTV site has also been updated with the new version, but no long version yet.

The assets for the video are online too as full edited talks from the TEDxManchester event. See the list below…

You can also subscribe to the whole lot via RSS or Itunes if you would like to keep a copy of all the videos for yourself. Remember all these videos are under a creative commons licence (Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0) , so your welcome to share them with the world and create your own remixes of the videos. The short version we edited together is under a slightly different licence which does not allow you to remix due to some musicial copyright from Chicane – Strong in Love /images/emoticons/laugh.gifisco Citizens Mix) and Kevin Shields – Ikebana.

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Author: Ianforrester

Senior firestarter at BBC R&D, emergent technology expert and serial social geek event organiser. Can be found at cubicgarden@mas.to, cubicgarden@twit.social and cubicgarden@blacktwitter.io