WTF? Wacom makes the nextbeat

I had forgotten to blog about this a while ago. Wacom have been working on a system called the Nextbeat, which is meant to be the instrument for creative djs.

Wacom known for their award-winning graphics tablets and interactive displays for designers and photographers, has announced the nextbeat system, which is aimed at DJ’s. Wacom’s nextbeat is a fully integrated professional DJ system, incorporating intuitive touch sensor controls and innovative live performance functions.

The nextbeat is a wireless portable control unit that enables performers to move free from the main device, resulting in more dynamic and energetic live performances inside booths promise Wacom.

The price? Well somewhere upwards up of 1500 pounds! And thats one of my problems with the whole thing. Its expensive and large. Also to be frank although it sounds like a good idea, I personally think its kind of daft. I mean the thing is shaped like a mini guitar and it just looks a little silly. Yes I think wireless is a good idea but not to prance around in front of the crowd. Plus there's already many solutions to do wireless audio already, so wheres the uniqueness? If they want to dance around in front of the crowd you need to be a wiij, as thats so much more impressive and expressive, plus it doesn't look like your playing rockband!

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