The new tv season

Heroes Season4, FlashForward, Dexter Season4, The Big Bang Theory Season3, Curb your Enthusiasm Season8, Dollhouse Season2 and Peep Show Season6Cougar town, which is what it sounds like. Desperate Housewives crossed with Scrubs. Courteney Cox doesn't look bad in it as a successful career woman still on the prowl… but come on beyond one episode, give it a wide miss.

Heroes has started well with a interesting plot twist and new characters with new abilities such skin ink and the ability to see sound in colour. Dexter was leaked a while back but also has a interesting plot twist, with Dexter now a commited family man its harder to kill people when you got to get home and tuck your children in for bed. Cleverly crafted and uniquely smart, Dexter is certainly one to look out for. Talking of which Dollhouse also is exploring the premise of knowing your mind isn't really yours and having to live with it. The dolls are only the tip of a interested iceberg. The big new show for this year is FlashForward which I believe is less that 5 days behind on Channel5. Almost everyone sees a glimpse of there future at exactly the same time on the same day. What does it mean, is the future set or is it changeable? All these questions make up a new sci-fi drama which kind of reminds me of a mix between Jerico and Daybreak. Too early to tell if its going to be like lost or more like CSI and 24.

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