The Tesla of Motorcycles?

Electric still had the perception of big, clunky and not attractive till Tesla changed all that with there very attractive roadster. Of course people have been building electric motorcycles (and maxi-scooters) but like the Tesla Roadster example, they have been so so till this beast above. Its designed by Yves Béhar who also designed the OLPC XO laptop and can ride up to 150 miles on a 2 hour charge. Forgetting how amazing it looks, it can also do up 150mph and has roughly 100bhp (that's over double my 600cc scooter, but my scooter is very heavy). So its about the speed and power of Kawasaki Ninja I believe. I believe its twist and go (aka no gears) and launches next month. On my full motorcycle licence I could actually ride one of these. So look out, who knows what might happen in the future… Oh by the way I love the tag line on the microsite, its the bike the environment would want you to ride.

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Author: Ianforrester

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