Redbull Cola or is it actually Redbull Coke?

Found via 7Deacons, German food scientist have found traces of Cocaine in Redbull Cola.

About a year ago, the makers of Red Bull, the famous caffeine-loaded energy drink, decided to come out with a soda, unsurprisingly named Red Bull Cola. The shared name implied the same big kick. But could the cola's boost — supposedly “100% natural” — come from something else? Officials in Germany worry that they've found the answer — cocaine. And now they have prohibited the soda's sale in six states across the country and may recommend a nation-wide ban.

Now to be honest I'm a bit shocked and I don't think I can really buy another one till I know for sure what's going on. Don't get me wrong I know its only a trace amount (0.13 micrograms) and you would need to drink liters to feel any effect but I'm going to let this one play out a little more. It would be a shame if it gets banned or they can't redo the formula. Redbull Cola was lovely to drink and strangely moreish (i'm kidding). Tell the honest truth, I've been drinking Pepsi Raw the last few weeks instead of Redbull Cola.

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