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Guys I live twitter, its been amazing. Most of the people I know are on it and in time we may look back at it like the start of email. But thats the problem, its not email its one network email, its like texting way back in 1996, when you and your friends all had to be on the same network to be sure you would get the text message (sms). I'm sure others older that me will tell stories of when email use to be the same, but luckily I've never known that restriction.

Identi,ca is microblogging done correct, its Affero GPL licence, as API friendly as Twitter (same API really) and supports federation remarkable well. Now this isn't the 1st time I've talked about this service, you may have heard me talk about la.conica and many times. But whats interesting about is I'm starting to see it being put in next to Twitter in clients. So for example I use Twhirl most of the time and now support is there and its not just a add on, its all there. I've started noticing that's clients list is also growing. But whats also getting me really excited is seeing la.conica being put into Drupal and other places. So not only can you have your community blog but you can also have communal microblogging.

I'm personally starting to actively use more and more. I'm sure at some point i'll start looking up friends on and other systems and add them. Hey I may even start saying different things on them. I can certainly see one day when my default is and it posts on to twitter via some bot or service like Unless of course Jaiku gets going again.

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