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Pacemaker at Sonar

While at Web 2.0 Expo, I learned about Soundcloud. It was during a pitch event, so I started off thinking so what but then was quickly turned around when hearing about how it works and what features it has. After the pitch event I grilled one of the guys ( Alexander Ljung of Soundcloud) behind it about data portability and you know what? Soundcloud comes out really well. Not only does it keep the origninal tune ala but you can also assign licences, bookmark sections, comment on parts and syndicate tunes. They are considering the idea of using for permanent long term storage after I mentioned what promise in there end user licence agreement.

While talking to the soundcloud guy, I mentioned I've been looking for somewhere to upload my dj mixes because I now own a pacemaker device. Those were the magic words, as he explained that he knew the guys behind the pacemaker (yeah both Soundcloud and Pacemaker are swedish). He then explained how they tried to get the pacemaker guys to interop or replace there dj mix section with soundcloud. For what ever reason they didn't and now has become a little bit of dead community due to the limits on uploads and general lack of focus. The device is great but the site is poor to say the least. Using Soundcloud makes sense for many reason. Number one being the can just stick to making the pacemaker better via firmware updates and a range of related objects. reminds how the camera makers such as Kodak, Nikon, Canon, etc all setup there own photosharing/gallery sites for there customers. Now most of them lead you to Flickr or Photobucket instead. Makes sense for the Pacemaker to go the same way in the near future.

Till then I'll be recording my mixes and uploading them to, myself

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