Berlin Web Week

Web 2.0 Expo Europe 2008

Not long till I jump on the flight to Berlin and I'm trying to finish some vital work and work out what I need to pack. While downloading a map and working out where I'll be at what time, I found this site linked from the BarCampBerlin3 site. Although the Flash object will be useful to some of you the ical and rss will be better used for the rest of us. What would be extra useful is all the events plotted on a google map, so foreigners like myself can work out where everything is and how long it will take to get there.

Roughly my plans look like this…

  • Friday – Fly in, spend sometime with my Berlin friend whos kindly putting me up.
  • Saturday – BarCampBerlin3 all day, werewolf in the night? (still don't know if its a overnight barcamp or not)
  • Sunday – BarCampBerlin3 again most of the day, werewolf again?
  • Monday – Take it easy catch up with work, then on the night go to the Berlin Girl Geekdinner
  • Tuesday – Web 2.0 Expo all day
  • Wednesday – Web 2.0 Expo all day
  • Thursday – Web 2.0 Expo, then on the night Tech Crunch's LateCrunch (I may go straight to the airport from there)
  • Friday – Sleep till midday, then get my plane back to Liverpool

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