Boxee + dropbox = P2P sharing of media

I called it a while ago I'm sure. It was obvious that with Boxee allowing you to see and share what you currently watching/listening to, the ability to actually share that media wouldn't be far off.

dropbox enables users to share files between computers in a super-easy way.

once you install dropbox it adds a folder to your PC/Mac that you can
share across your own computers or with friends (watch the video on it’s pretty straight forward).

it becomes really cool when you add your Dropbox folder as a source on boxee.

go to Settings->Media Sources choose to add a Local Source and select the Dropbox folder.

now whenever a friend is uploading new pictures/music/videos you can
see it immediately on your boxee. in case of Music or Video, boxee will
automatically scan it, and you’ll see the artwork appear in Recently
Added in the home screen of boxee.

Awesome, will try it out once I get home tonight. To tell the truth I've not been using Boxee much since XBMC Media Centre beta 1. I'm sure once it catches up with XBMC again, I'll use it more often again.

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Author: Ianforrester

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