Well I had to go somewhere for my holiday

Central Pier

I did say I wanted a beach holiday a while back and I wanted it to be pretty cheap… So Blackpool it is… Hey and perfect timing, for rain, rain and more rain. Does not matter, hotel has free wifi, the rollercoasters are all running and I got myself an extended weekend. So having just booked the whole thing 5 mins ago (yes its 7am now) I'll sleep, wake up, pack and jump on the scooter. I don't expect to do much more that walk on the beach, check out the rollercoasters and head into the arcades. Maybe I might find some of the classics and end up spending my pocket money on Ridge Racer like I use to when I would spend some time in Weston Super-Mare (the blackpool of the south west don't you know?). Well what ever I do its going to be relaxing…

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Author: Ianforrester

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