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graph showing how distrbutes its messages

I mean to include this graph of in the last blog entry but must have fell a sleep or much more likely the internet went off again (i've been having so much problems with my home broadband recently its not even funny). The graph shows how Ping.FM has or could be come a trusted message broker. Someone posted a comment about incoming XMPP support which seems to add more fire to this idea of a message broker.

But just when we were getting excited about, when someone really does things correctly. ticks almost all the data portability and openness tick boxes I can think of. Not only is the service a Opensource Creative Commons framework based on Jabber/XMPP but it supports OpenID and remote subscription via OpenMicroblogging which is OAuth and some established responses and returns. But no thats not all, it finally supports Federation, which means finally people really like owning there own can build and maintain there own and connect to the network when it pleases them. Simple this is awesome and I've already joined it.

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