A trend worth noting : Live Streaming from conferences

Mogulus live

The London Bubble or really the Berlinblase crew were at BarCampLondon3 in force this time around. They must have really organised there ticket collection as quite a few of them got tickets. Anyway, something which I noticed at BarCampLondon3 this time around was the use of live streaming services. One of the guys was using this site mogulus while another was using something else. At BarCampLondon3 everything was in place to make this work well, lots of power, laptops with cameras and seamless wifi. This isn't always the case but it seemed to work really well at the Google offices. Maybe in the near future its not worth taking a camcorder, as live streaming from a laptop just works. Specially when you have a webcam like mine which you can face foward or backwards.

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Author: Ianforrester

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