Twitter tracking another apml hookup?

Ok so this is going to form part of a large group of small posts about BarCampLondon3. I want to keep them small and save a chunky post about the whole event for tomorrow. But come on how great was BarCampLondon3 (geekwonderland)

So I was sitting in the session on 101 uses for Twitter and Paul Johnson mentioned Twitter Tracking. I had never heard of this before, so checked it out later and thought wow this is what I've been waiting for!

Since the beginning of Twitter and more recently, the rebirth of Search, people have said something along the lines of “it'd be awesome to search for certain words and pull up all related twitters.”

Rather than create another ho-hum search, we decided to Twitterize the idea and take it a step further: with Twitter's new tracking feature, you can track any word or concept on Twitter, and have the updates sent to your phone or iM.

This means rather that people following me for BarCampLondon3 tickets they could have just tracked barcamplonon3 or even barcamplondon4 now. This is also super useful if you could read a APML file and maybe take the top 5 concepts / take concepts over a certain number and automaticlly build twitter trackings for them. Maybe this would be cron'ed or scheduled or automated so as you change the APML file, tracks would be removed and new ones added?

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