mashingtonpost and the meetup

Washington post

Taken from the BBC Backstage mailing list

The Washington Post has launched a remix site for their content – unofficially called the

Adrian Holovaty introduces it on his blog

This is great news for all, but means backstage now has real competition. Luckly our content is so much better *wink, wink*

I would not be suprised if others follow suit, but the big question is if either the BBC, Washingtonpost or anyone else makes the big step to syndicate fulltext via RSS for non-commercial use. That would be a commitment to its audience and remix culture.

Talking of which, you will be happy to hear there is a Backstage meetup now. The full details are available here on the backstage blog and of course on Ben's personal blog.

I've added it to my eventful calendar which you can subscribe to if your interested in events like this.

But dont forget to get yourself signed up here before its too late.

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