BBC accidentally reveals video iPod?

Photoshopped made up version of the video ipod

Steve Jobs is not going to be happy with us at the BBC. See there's a big date of the 12th October crossed in Apples diary and there were rumours of some Apple run BBC broadcast at TVC (BBC Telelvision centre) on the same day. Then there was other clues. – Forbidden, usually Apple has a nice redirect like this The hidden video buttons in iTunes. Plus you've got the Nano disappointment (yes you heard me correctly) and the PSP's mass takeup and adoption across the world.
The evidance is growing everyday
Google Cache of iTunes + ipod video page

So we were all scratching our heads till BBC 6 accidentally let slip yesterday.

Apple is set to unveil a new video iPod at the BBC Television Centre in London on October the 12th

Ahh ha, so its a dead set now then. The specs may still be up for debate but I'm wondering if the iMP trial will extend to the video ipod and give the worldwide audience the ability to pay for BBC programming? Its all very fitting when you listen to Paula Le Dieu's talk at Emerging Massive media.

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