Would you give up your Browser or your Applications?

A Interesting thought around the web as a platform, via jeremy zawodny. Jonathon Schwartz from Sun recently wrote this

Or finally, as I did last week at a keynote, ask the audience which they'd rather give up – their browser, or all the rest of their desktop apps. (Unanimously, they'd all give up the latter without a blink.)

Like Jeremy and Johathon, I too would easily pick the browser over the rest of the applications. I pose the same question to a few people at work and Tom disagreed and came up with the clever answer of the rest of the applications because he would build his own browser. Deborah alerted me to the fact that Sun are very much in the thin-client space and that this entry may have something to do with that (I believe shes right). But its still a interesting question.

I think with a decent browser such as Firefox with mediaplayer plugins and the ability to install extensions there a much smaller need for the rest of my applications. Realisticly if you include Greasemonkey your able to program any rich applications like how widgets work now.

This whole discussion can be taken a step deeper, but I'll revisit it when I have the time.

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Author: Ianforrester

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