Some problems I would love could be solved

A couple of things which I keep running through my mind, which I think is best shared.

  • The problem of moving RSS feeds, or The saga of RSS (dis)continuity as Jon Udell calls it. Its a much bigger issue than simply using Server redirects. For example the BBC WorldService sites have upwards of 100 RSS feeds and there will be more. Then imagine your on a shared host, how would you setup server redirects? No, no there needs to be a much better solution?
  • International single short code SMS codes, is there such a thing? If your a radio programme talking to the world, how do you inform your listeners of how to text in? It would be a nightmare to read out multiple text numbers and is it even possible to text a UK short code number from another country? Hey and even if it is, how much would it cost the audience member? Email still seems to be the best option but not all mobile phones fully support it. So what's the solution?
  • Convincing software makers that there previous versions should be given away (with no support) or made open source (community supported). At least Propellerhead Software knows how to do things correctly. Propellerhead Software, makers of Reason, have discontinued development of their Rebirth synthesizer simulator software. It is now downloadable for free.

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Author: Ianforrester

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