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I'm trying out the Amazon Rental DVD service at the moment. According to my account 3 Cracker DVD's were dispatched to my house yesterday. The cost is pretty good for 6 DVD's specially when placed against all the money I've spent at Blockbusters over the last few years. 6 DVD's a month is 10 pounds at but Lisa is also considering a DVD rental service by Tesco which is only 8 pounds per month. Now I think its unlimited but everytime I view the page in Firefox it crashes the browser. This is the reason why bricks and morter stores like Tesco loose out so badly to there net rivals like Amazon!
I was also checking out a few other online rental stores and the price ranges from 7 pounds a month to 15 pounds a month. But I in the end choose Amazon because they have such a range of titles that none of the others (excluding Tesco because I cant check with the website issue) come close. And honestly I dont want the usual films I can get down Blockbusters thank you very much…
Anyhow I will see how it goes after a month and see if Tesco sort out there website! Shame on you Tesco, shopping works fine but film rental not so fine.

I recieved my Amazon DVD's this morning [22nd Feb 2005]
and I have to say Amazon have done a amazing job on the packaging. You kinda of rip it one way and the DVD comes out in a slim plastic case then to send it back you just put it back and pull off a bit which hides glue to seal it up again. The whole thing is almost the size of the DVD and weights hardly nothing. Good service so far Amazon!

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