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So many people read my blog through RSS and I would like to offer a more reliable way of reading cubicgarden. So I've enabled a feedburner feed which should be more reliable than accessing the site directly. I have enabled a couple of nice options to the feed which includes my bookmarks. However dont expect any of the other tacky feedburner options on cubicgarden any time soon. I mean come on who wants a reader counter on there blog? Anyhow, I may add flickr pictures too but I'm not using it enough at this very moment. Even though someone keeps suggesting I should do so. And he's kinda of right, I got 3g, a powerful camera phone and a mobilogging enabled blog. Hummm we shall see…

Oh yeah and while talking about, I need to apoligize for the server being down over the week. I had huge electrical problems and they should all be fixed now. I'm also upgrading bits and pieces of the server software and hopefully optimising its general operation. There may also be an long time waiting upgrade to my broadband coming which will make things much faster. Oh one last thing, I know theres been issues with serving up the actual html pages of cubicgarden recently, I have removed the stylesheet switcher for now cleaned a couple of things up. But you shouldnt get any more problems, if you do delete all cookies from Then try again… At some point I'm hoping to really clean up the html pages and make them truely xhtml 1.1 valid (currently its all there except I got paragraph's and blockquotes inside of elements which do not allow it).

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RSS Syndication for a Worldwide Audience

So I finally got around to checking my email tonight and jumped for joy when I read one from XTECH.

Dear Ian,

Congratulations! Your submission “RSS Syndication for a Worldwide Audience” was selected for presentation at XTECH 2005 taking place at the RAI Centre, Amsterdam, 25-27 May. Your presentation is currently scheduled for Wednesday, 25 May.

— Snip —

Thank you for your submission. We look forward to seeing you in Amsterdam .

— Snip —

This is great news for BBC World Service New media and the BBC as a whole. I would like to say a big thanks to everyone who has supported me so far, including Sarah and even Joel. I think this will be a great place to discuss the need to look beyond Latin based languages for RSS syndication, and explain the issues which come with internationalised RSS and in turn international RSS adoption. This is indeed the year of RSS! on a side point its great to see a very useful wiki for the event too. I have already setup myself up and

I forgot to say that the Keynotes for the conference which was announced a few weeks ago are some of the most cutting edge and smartest people in the industry at this moment.
Paula Le Dieu, Co-Director, Creative Archive, BBC
Jean Paoli, Senior Director of XML Architecture, Microsoft
Mike Shaver, Mozilla Foundation and Oracle
Look forward to seeing you all there…

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