Chess and the thought of machines

Just recently I've downloaded a excellent freeware chess game on to my ipaq. It supports not only 5 different modes of difficulty but arranged games, playlistings for undoing moves, multiplayer and also a internet engine play. The last one hooks the ipaq up to a central server farm where you can play that instead of the local engine. Only for the hardcore chess player! The best I've been able to do is draw with the local machine on level 1, but I've only been playing for the last few days and havent played chess like this for ages. Anyhow, another thing I came across which is related is Thinking Machine 4, which looks like a Flash Chess game but turns into something alot more. Not only does the machine play you, but it shows influence and the moves the computer is thinking about playing! Its in the usual flash style very pretty but also quite amazing to see while playing.

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Author: Ianforrester

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