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Just come out of presentation with Jimmy Wales the co-founder of Wikipedia. And I'm very impressed by what else wikimedia offers. I cant/wont go too much into some of the questions and answers were exchanged during the talk but I was planning on getting a copy of the presentation in video form but I dont think I could really upload it to due to some of the questions. I did ask about the link up with wikimedia commons and And got a reasonable answer about the fact that the media uploaded would be all based around the wiki's. So you wouldnt get your general photos uploaded and stored. However it raised the question if Jimmy had ever met Brewster Kahle? And believe it or not, they have never met! Oh my! Anyway, theres a meetup with Jimmy this Friday, so I'm going to cancel my 2600 meetup and go to this instead.

Everyone knows I hate haxor scraping page style method, so I'm trying to find ways to get content from Wikipedia without scraping. I looked at the page source and theres a link to a creative commons licence but doesnt seem to go anywhere.
< link title="Creative Commons" type="application/rdf+xml" href=" /w/wiki.phtml?title=Internet&action=creativecommons" rel="meta" />. As I'm thinking theres lots of taste metadata here. For example check out this page and the almost restful url – I mean god this is damm useful metadata! enough said….

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