Podcasting on the BBC culture show tonight…

A quick reminder of a programme being shown today at 7pm on BBC2.

Finally, if you havent yet heard of podcasting, you soon will. It's the latest new trick on the internet and it has the potential to shake up the way we listen to radio. You can hear about it first on tonight's Culture Show, BBC2 at 7pm, or 8pm in Scotland.
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The Culture Show team.

According to Adam Curry's podcast yesterday (Wednesday). They have cut the segment down from 9mins to 6mins, which is pain, but what can you do? Anyhow I will reserve judgement till after the broadcast. Oh and if you miss it tonight, you can watch it here soon afterwards?

Ok I missed half of the culture show due to a late train from London Bridge but those great Engadget guys put up a torrent file for the mpeg4 version. So I was able to watch the whole lot again. First thoughts, it wasnt that bad. They didnt actually show much of how Adam does it but thats cool, it wouldnt make the best TV for the general public. 7mins and a couple of seconds gave enough time to talk to UK podcasters and chat with Adam Curry. Actually it was kinda of slick, and up there with the quality of usual BBC programming. However, i have complaints.
The first guys introduction sucked, very boring and I would have been deeply worried it was going to be like that through-out if I never saw the rest first. The graphic podcasting thingy was pretty good, and I'm wondering where they got that from? I was tempted to take a screen shot. I also didnt like the fact it was all focused around the ipod, even though zina and adam curry did mention mp3players and 3g mobile phones. The emphase that this is all very camp and amateur was kinda of offensive I felt, I mean would you call webtalk radio or engadget amateur? I also thought there was no mention about Dave Winer who also helped kick off podcasting. On the whole it wasnt at all bad and did more good for getting the name around that anything – thumbs up to the culture show guys for a good segment. I just hope it works well with my presentation in two weeks time, when I talk to worldservice about podcasting…

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