South London teenagers + Halloween = Big Trouble in little beckenham

My poor poor neighbours. There a family of 2 parents and 2 teenage daughters aged 15 and 17. Anyway there the sweetest family you can live next to. So it wasn't a problem when Sue (the mum) said to me and Sarah, Holli (15yr daughter) was allowed to have a halloween party with a load of friends we thought nothing much of it. I mean we were planning to be at another party anyway. Luckily Sarah was ill and we couldn't go and we convinced Sue to stay in our house as she wanted to be in ear shot distance if anything happened.

Around 8pm the music started, and it wasn't loud. I mean I could have turned my cinema amp on and blasted theres away. Anyhow, we were enjoying Daily shows when the first lot of guests started turning up. I'll stick to calling them guest at this moment.
By 2045 there were alot of people in our neighbours upstairs flat. Sue started turning some guys away if they didn't know whose party it was, which was a very good thing, as we could have had another 20 people upstairs who knew noone.

By 2100, it was in full swing and there people outside the back smoking and drinking, while others packed the flat and front garden wall. Things were getting busy. Anyway, I offered to pick up some other guests from the tram station about the same time. When I returned, Sarah was very upset because the guests had been throwing glass bottles out the top window into our garden. She told them to knock it off, but they started aiming it at her and our dog. So she went to tell Holli what she thought of her guests. I guess things got really heated as the guests got really cheeky and didn't respond well to be told off by an adult.

At the same time, Sue and Sarah called 999 as some of the uninvited guests wouldn't leave. Pat (the husband) had come back too, and was trying to eject people from the party. Only problem was that they wouldn't go. Actually the group of about 20-30 boys would try getting in around the back and through the front. Finally getting everyone to the front, they still wouldn't leave.

I swore it felt like ages the standoff, but finally the police came. First 2 cars, then 3 more then a unmarked SUV. At first I thought it was overkill, but even with 9 police officers, they were outnumbered 3 to 1. Luckily most of them choose to walk off when the 2nd lot came.

The damage was unbelievable. The guests had thrown everything and I seriously mean everything out of the windows. Toothbrushes, toothpaste, Hair products, the bathroom plug, reading glasses, photos, potted plants, Cans, Butter, Frozen Peas, Fruit, Jam, Milk, etc… Out the windows. They had burned hole through the carpet with fag ends, been sick on the older daughters A-level certificates and bed, ripped down pictures and curtains.The Carpets were black with mud and some idiots broke eggs behind appliances, put crisps in the kettle and fish where it was warm in the house.
Yes makes you think a few times before considering to have kids I bet.

There was something else which happened on the same night which I cant talk about because its still part of a police investigate. All I can say is a very angry dad came knocking around 0300 Sunday morning and me and my neighbours are glad the police were there to divert the anger. The party will be far from over for one teenage girl for the rest of her life. I just hope justice is served swiftly…

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