Its that time again… New phone time

Ok its that time of the year again, when I get like a text offer a day and phone calls offering me crap phones which I would not be seen dead with. Yep upgrade time. So far last month I recieved 5 text messages and 3 phone calls offering me crap. Best offer I got was for the Nokia 7610 which is bog standard and not worthy of a years useage at all. Told them to stick there offer, my SPV E200 is much better than that thing.

Sanyo's S750 3g phone

So what have I seen which takes my fancy? Well today I saw on engadget the new Sanyo S750 which is a 3G phone coming out to the orange network soon.
The Nokia 7710 looks interesting but honestly I wouldnt use it much as I got a nice pocketpc with wifi and mass storage now. The SonyEricsson S700i looks great but memory stick duo really puts me off it. Plus no EDGE or 3G? I mean come on, gonna have the phone for another year, GPRS aint going to cut it alone. But back to the Sanyo for a moment. Joey Geraci left a comment saying how it was stupid the small amount of memory it has. And I agree, except I already have 256 meg in my SPV and 512 in my ipaq, any of which can be swapped out.

So in the vain of last year, heres my list of features.
GSM tri-band (900, 1800, 1900MHz) with EDGE or UMTS would be great
High resolution screen at least 12bit colour
At least 1 megapixel with light, two would be excellent
Video download and streaming of 3gp and mpeg4 files
Photo and Video capture to 3gp, mpeg4 and jpg formats
SD or MMS memory card slot
MP3 and OGG player
Speaker phone support
Java MIDP2.0 support
Bluetooth, infrared and USB connectivity. Would never buy a phone without bluetooth nowadays, it must also support bluetooth dialup! Not just headset
Email (POP3 and IMAP4)
Symbian or Windows Mobile operating system

Bluetake BT420 Bluetooth Hi-Fi Sports Headphone
On another angle, anything I buy will have to work with these Bluetooth headphones, which I will buying myself for christmas. The only feature which seems to be missing is the abilty to pair to more than one device at one time. Say if I want to use the bluetooth audio gateway feature of the Ipaq with the bluetooth smartphone headset profile? Quick note to myself not to forget another 2.5mm jack for my SPV which I lost recently.

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