Exploring the Bittorrent and RSS relationship

Rather than reading student synopsis, I've been put off track by looking at the future of peer 2 peer networking. Then I looked at Slakinski log which talks about the release of Nucleus which is a RSS aggregator that focuses on Bittorrent files embedded in them. Very cool, even Harvard Law is following this area with enclosures. I'm interested if anyone has brought Enclosure to RSS 1.0 and ATOM? If not I think I may do it myself, as one of the great reasons for RSS 1.0 is its modules which could include a whole number of things, or so I was led to believe. I mean even the ability to use namespaces is an advantage surely?

Anyhow this is all really interesting stuff, and it seriously reminds me that I need to fix my apache cocoon to take advantage of this great idea. I mean for example it wouldnt be that difficult to search through a load of torrents and make rss files with enclosures to then syndicate onwards. This would be great because then you could do mass filtering and even create a webservice. Think of it as Suprnova but with no front end. Tell the trust some must have done this already? Oh and heres a good article explain it all.

I was also reading Steve Mallett's blog about the future of the semantic web, specially in the light of RSS and Torrents.

Now, would you rather publish your book review using Amazon's form or the weblog you use many times a week? Would you like to write your book review on Amazon and then write again on your weblog that you wrote a review – possibly writing the review twice? How about your local bookstore? Are you going to write one for them as well?

It got me thinking about this DIY model. Steve makes many valid points but the one which strikes home is the one about Social software. I signed up to Orkut and got pretty sick of filling in information which I didnt really want to give in the first place. I tend not like to commit to different services now, I mean flickr was the last one I signed up to, and even then I'm not using it alot. I put myself in the bloggers and geek girls are sexy groups, for all of 1 day, I thought it would be good idea to contrbute pictures in a group fashion, but i got bored – quickly…
Steve ends with Own your data. This future is here and is evenly distributed. I have to agree up to a point, I find it hard to believe I'm still hosting cubicgarden.com on my 512k broadband connection. Hows that for owning your own data?

By the way a google one query return

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