Xbox and Linux update

Its so good to hear that the Kai team are now working on a Linux version of the Xlink Kai engine shame they feel the need to keep it closed sourced. With my move to Linux, I lost the ability to play xbox games over the internet xbox live style. Which is a real shame because I would love to play Burnout 3 full screen and online against some serious players. Been feeling the old wipeout experience while playing it at work recently.

The announcement also drawed my attention to the latest xbox media centre cvs builds. See I've got rather use to using xbmc 1.0 day in day out, and cant really imagine what else they could put in it to make it better (for me). I mean iTunes compatability would be nice for alot of people but certainly not for me. Saying all that actually, I do have some requests but there much more higher level things, generally its all good. Which reminds me I still need to sort out CCXstream or the SMB server on my linux box. I got a huge partition on my linux box but I share stuff on my server which has about 20 percent of the storage. Crazy!

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