A week full of Linux

Ok my move to Linux is going better than before. I've actually made a lot of progress, till I decided to try the Gatos ATI drivers again. After a few days I worked out that X wouldnt start because it thought the TV output was the main monitor. So now when I start up Linux I have to unplug my composite out then plug it in again. Luckly I'm not using the TV-out no more because of the Xbox media centre, so I just leave it unplugged.
However since using kxconfig, the display seems to be stuck on 16bit which goes really funky when you load up Mozilla, Firefox or Thunderbird. The screen goes Purple and Green and makes it very difficult to see my email.

On the Samba front, I still cant get other machines (pocketpc, xbox or windows pc's) to connect via samba. But with tests I've also found I cant even connect via samba to while on the exact same machine – hence somethings wrong with my configuration.

By the way I've also started adding parts to my experimental wiki to do with learning unix and linux.

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Author: Ianforrester

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