Installing Bit torrent on GNU/Linux

I found I could Apt-get Bit torrent using the stable Debian packages but never knew how to get it running till I came across this page.

First do a – apt-get install bittorrent
If you get no errors and all goes to plan, you can grab your .torrent file from where ever. if like me your using KDE or Gnome then find the file and open with. Then type bittorrent.
From a shell you can do the same by typing – btdownloadgui /home/yourusername/thefile.torrent.
You may get a error like me about a Python lib not being present you can fix that by – apt-get install libwxgtk2.4-python.

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GNU/Linux force upgrade for the second time

I come home from Berlin and switch on my workstation to find Windows is pretty messed up. Well actually I have a hardware problem where the memory shown is only 256meg not 1024meg. But I solved that and windows was still messed up. So I decided to make the real move to Linux and not to fix Windows. I mean why bother? I booted up knoppix 3.4 to check if I could see the Hard drives ok, and sure enough I could see them. So I installed Knoppix. I expect I will document alot of experience of trying to get Linux working like windows from now on.

My todo list for linux
Thunderbird/Mozilla Mail.
SMB Client sharing.
SMB Server sharing or XBMSP sharing.
Bit torrent.
CD/DVD burning.
SSH access.
External access VNC or/and Remote Desktop Protocal.
Gatos Video Capture and TV view.
FTP client for XBMC.
XMLRPC client for quick blogging.
ActiveSync replacement for PocketPC and Smartphone.

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