Blogging from the berlin underground

This blog is a little bit of cheat because I was posting the same thing from my ipaq on a Ubhan train. See I was on a Sbhan train going from Prenzlauer Allee to Schonhauser Allee and changed to a Ubhan train to Portsdamerplatz on the U2. Now I knew it would take a while, so throught I would see if my GPRS roaming was working via Tmobile in Germany. Well I was in luck it dialed up via bluetooth then the train went underground. Damm I thought looking at jabber trying to connect. Had a look at my phone to see if the signal was gone all together… And no it wasnt gone, actually it was on 5 bars, and the jabber had connected. Well it would seem to that berlin's BVG had installed mobile base stations underground or the undergrounds are so shalow you can still pick up a clear signal. So much so that I almost blogged this exact same thing from smthingme while underground, unfortually there was an rfc error of somekind. Typical, everything works except the thing which is usually very reliable.

Anyway I'm now sitting in the sony centre again with the free wireless and this time I'm not the only one. 2 other guys with PC laptops, one IBM thinkpad and some gateway looking laptop. The other guy has a Mac G4 12 inch powerbook. Tell the truth there is another guy but he's across the glass verge from me so cant see what he's got. I ordered a redbull about 10mins ago and guys is just coming with it. I got a cinema arrangement with Spiderman 2 in 5mins. Hoping the movie doesnt start at 5pm, anyway the seating is arranged, so its a matter of getting snacks and hitting the toilet. Its been good sitting here watching the tour de france and enjoying the wireless, cant life be more like this?

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