Happy New year to everyone…

Sorry to all who missed Cubicgarden over the christmas holiday. Its been along holiday away, and I thought I'd solved the hardware fault on the server. But nope it went down and never came back up…Anyway it should now be solved, as I think its the graphcs card and I've swapped that out now.

Luckly I got lots to blog from my holiday in America. Here are a few,
Minneapolis/St Paul skybridges and public transport, International GPRS roaming, Will america ever embrace texting, Will america ever use bluetooth, Real HDTV, Cheaper PVRs, Great customer services state side, Bearing weapons in the twin cities, the Fbi story, alongside others.

Unfortually I have little time because I got a talk on Monday. So expect more after Monday and I will start looking though my feeds soon as I can. Because I saw some very interesting developments while I was away. Till then check out my photos online.

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Author: Ianforrester

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