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Radio your way product

Yes you heard it first, i'm not paienting it, i'm not going to keep it to myself and i'm certainly not going s ll the idea. This has GPL written all over it.

So what’s it all about? Well when I was in america last christmas we drove the distance from peura in illinois to the twin cities in minnesota via chicago, milwaukee, madison, eau claire, rochester and la crosse. And back… During that time, we listened to a lot of public radio. Some good some poor. But I was thinking on the way back from la crosse to madison. Why can’t I listen to this in england? (By the way england only has 2 national talk stations.) As some of the talk is relative to anywhere in the world. Oh by the way the BBC is great and is included to my list of good stations. Then I thought, but I can there online, surely? So what was stopping me from tuning in? Then it hit me.

Theres no programming guide for radio as far as I know. What the heck? And if there is, its not wide reaching enough to count for internet radio stations. So i'm proposing a xmltv style schema for radio listings. Surely it would be easy, and once the data is in xml, I don’t see why not it can’t be syndicated and aggregated just like rss and xmltv?

The next stage would be to create a pvr-ish thing in software or even hardware). It would then allow you to capture multiple internet radio streams and maybe (tivo like) suggest others. Xmlnetradio is what i'll call it for now. On the hardware front you could imagine something like radioyourway supporting xmlnetradio, but I like the idea of mobile devices with java or something simular decoding the xml and supporting internet radio even though it would be stupidly expensive over a gprs connection. However wireless would be great for this. Saying all that I would prefer to do the whole capturing on my pc with the software client then transfer the result with xml content to my mobile device. You know if worst came to worst writing out the mpeg3 file with converted xml data in id3 would work well enough?

So the stages for xmlnetradio would be,
1. create the schema based on xmltv but modifed for internet radio.
2. Write software to transform xmlnetradio into something meaningful and allow it jump station to station easily
3. Add pvr type functionality so the listener can record one or more streams in real time.
4. Add support for mobile devices, be it just mpeg3 transfer or full on mobile client.
5. Hope someone adopts it…

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Multiple sims and devices

I'm loving these news pieces.
Redknee provides 3G multi-SIM solution to O2
Multiple Devices, Multiple SIMs, One Number

If these become common place, i'm first in the queue. I've been relying on bluetooth to do the job, but the applications haven't hit the spot yet. For example I was using mphone on my ipaq with my old ericsson t68 to get text messages on my ipaq. But now mphone doesn't support my spv2 so all messages have to be replied to on the phone. There is a sim slot on the ipaq and if I could send all text messages to the ipaq, allow gprs data on the ipaq and smartphone while allowing voice to be taken by the bluetooth headset. Then I would be happier with my personal area network. Bluetooth technology, shame no one is creating application of better standards. For example, where's the application to instant message between two or more bluetooth devices? I just don't know… Kinda wish I could program enough to do it myself.

Quick mention to say i'm reading smart mobs by Howard rheingold. And its a good read indeed.

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Wireless comes into focus

The first WiFi detector on the market

Its amazing to come across open wireless points while out on my usually route through the day. I found a open linksys node at the bus stop while waiting for my bus home. It was aa low signal but good enough for my ipaq to pick it up. I was on for 15mins before the bus came and whisked me away. So any Ravensbourne students who wait for the 314 bus, should open there laptops and enjoy bus stop wifi. I'm sure someone must have discovered the open node, before me? remarkable…

The kensington wireless keychain finder I bought in america is very useful indeed, but a bit misleading. I'm sitting in hospital waiting and the keychain is saying theres no wireless but my ipaq found a netgear node broadcasting. However I don’t seem to be gettinng any outside access at all. So I think its internal only? And I don’t have any network tools on my newly reinstated ipaq to test it. I'm also wondering when there going to bring mini-stumbler to pocketpc 2003 or support the internal wiireless cards in the newer ipaqs?

Oh yeah found this sweet Wifi finder for the UK. Added the above to the database.

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