Multiple sims and devices

I'm loving these news pieces.
Redknee provides 3G multi-SIM solution to O2
Multiple Devices, Multiple SIMs, One Number

If these become common place, i'm first in the queue. I've been relying on bluetooth to do the job, but the applications haven't hit the spot yet. For example I was using mphone on my ipaq with my old ericsson t68 to get text messages on my ipaq. But now mphone doesn't support my spv2 so all messages have to be replied to on the phone. There is a sim slot on the ipaq and if I could send all text messages to the ipaq, allow gprs data on the ipaq and smartphone while allowing voice to be taken by the bluetooth headset. Then I would be happier with my personal area network. Bluetooth technology, shame no one is creating application of better standards. For example, where's the application to instant message between two or more bluetooth devices? I just don't know… Kinda wish I could program enough to do it myself.

Quick mention to say i'm reading smart mobs by Howard rheingold. And its a good read indeed.

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