Wireless comes into focus

The first WiFi detector on the market

Its amazing to come across open wireless points while out on my usually route through the day. I found a open linksys node at the bus stop while waiting for my bus home. It was aa low signal but good enough for my ipaq to pick it up. I was on for 15mins before the bus came and whisked me away. So any Ravensbourne students who wait for the 314 bus, should open there laptops and enjoy bus stop wifi. I'm sure someone must have discovered the open node, before me? remarkable…

The kensington wireless keychain finder I bought in america is very useful indeed, but a bit misleading. I'm sitting in hospital waiting and the keychain is saying theres no wireless but my ipaq found a netgear node broadcasting. However I don’t seem to be gettinng any outside access at all. So I think its internal only? And I don’t have any network tools on my newly reinstated ipaq to test it. I'm also wondering when there going to bring mini-stumbler to pocketpc 2003 or support the internal wiireless cards in the newer ipaqs?

Oh yeah found this sweet Wifi finder for the UK. Added the above to the database.

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Author: Ianforrester

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