Installing Linux

So finally I got my act together and got a old machine from college. It was a Pentium 2 233MX with 192meg of PC133 memory and 3 gig of Hard drive space. So I ripped out the old motherboard and chip put in my old Asus A7V with the servers old Athlon 800 into it (put in a 1.33ghz Athlon into the server now). Used the same PC133 memory as I'm not sure where my old stuff has gone and the old Hard drive. And tried to install Debian using the net install version. Oh my, took me ages to work out how to install the network card and download more of what was needed. So its working but I have no idea what the default login is… So I'm kinda of stuck at the moment…HELP

Quick update – Finally got Dynebolic to work when I downloaded version 1.1.1 as version 1.1 didnt support the Award Bios. Also downloaded Smoothwall, Knoppix and Mepis, so will try those out sooner or later too. For now Debian can wait. And I'm thinking about using the old Pentium2 as a smoothwall firewall if I can get another ATX case. – almost forgot about it.

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