Future trends?

chris sanderson from the future laboratory – http://www.thefuturelaboratory.com. Came to college today in a lecture arranged by Fashion for the whole college. So of course I'm live blogging this as he talks

First part involved a talk about the 3 points bellow.

      Instict – follow your gut instict, always judge a book by its cover.
      Observation – be influenced, be imersed, always looking and reading
      Research – always ask and question

Yeah quite good, nothing new and product and fashion driven. He answered my question about ip quite well with mentions about ip and copyleft. Before that he made references to social software after one of my students asked about how the internet affects all what he was talking about.

All the other questions afterwards were pretty lame and more about products and branding rather than the higher level concepts. Need to check out this viewpoint magazine, sounds like wallpaper with slightly more brains.

I love the fact that he believes the GM battle is over, which drops the audience into complete slience. But he explained himself really well by explaining the fact that monsanto was setup as charity. And is retrospect, someone could have applied GM else where before moving to food. Say for example GM body parts, etc. Which is fair enough and quite smart because he also got his little comment about how people who dont want GM are old fuddie duddies.

Then he went into a slight rant about how he hated Apple and if it was up to him he would systematicly destroy his G4 and Apple the company. I have to agree with him that Apple are a very good marketing company which people desire, but the rest of it is a joke. Caused some of my interaction design students to shuffle and look around a bit.

I will need to get a copy of the pdf he was presenting, the book of light.

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