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I spent a bit of time this weekend getting my image gallary off the ground using Cocoon's imagedirectory generater pipeline. Which works but doesnt go quite as far as I first hoped.

First up, I expected cocoon to generate image previews for me in some kind of way, dont know how it would be possible but I kinda of expected it anyway. Then I also expected the generater to support EXIF so I could pull data out of the photo, such as when it was photographed, etc. But no good. Anyway I've been looking into the area of EXIF again and come up with a bunch of links for next time I got time to look at this area in more depth.

Stuffware Photo Studio – Free and deals with all types of photo and movie metadata the best of the lot.
The specs for EXIF and the Camera file system.
Jhead's EXIF to XML complete with a whole host of useful links too.
W3c's Describing and retrieving photos using RDF and HTTP note.
metadata extraction in java, also loving the look of Drew's photo gallary. Surely there has to be a way to intergrate this into cocoon, as its just a jar file?

Oh just a quick mention that the Stuffware Photo studio is the bomb and I'm loving it. Just wish I could find a way of cocoon reading the EXIF data and the embeded jpg thumbnail rather than me making another directory for thumbnails! Yes that really sucks bad… Made my feelings be known on the cocoon wiki

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