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Jakob Neilsen next to a wall

At long last the winner of the reusit contest has been announced. Where did i come? well I didnt do it that badly, about half way down which isnt bad considering I spent 1 hour doing it while on jury service back in August.

Visual Appeal – 1.89
Usability – 2.00
Valid HTML – 5.00
Valid CSS – 5.00
Cross-Browser – 5.00
Accessibility – 5.00
Total Visual Score – 1.94
Total Validity Score – 5.00
Total Score – 3.47 – not bad seeing how number 1 was 4.58

I love the fact no one really liked the style of it but it was valid html/css, accessable and cross browser. Just wish I kind of finished the white edition. As that was cleaner and more pleasent on the eye. Saying that I think i was one of the only entries which deployed a dark background with white text.

On the downside, one of my MA students came 2nd from last which isnt good as they didnt even validate there xhtml or css. Oh well thats what happens when you face the rest of the world.
Talking of which, some of the entries were great work, nothing as radical as the stuff you see on csszengarden but very practical and useable layouts, real attention to detail style. I kinda of feel better than I didnt come near the top ten with my lame effort. Its quite cool how alot of them used a picture of Jakob Neilsen but I decided against it as I wouldnt put a picture of myself on my own website. I cant believe my entry was viewed by some of the great minds of the web at the moment, Zeldman, Meyer, etc. By the way nice to see Louise Ferguson on the panel. Would like to hear what Jakob says about the entries…

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XForms and Microsoft InfoPath

Straight down to the facts Xforms vs Infopath. For those too busy, heres the conclusion. Both InfoPath and XForms are version 1.0 efforts, and both are likely to improve substantially in future revisions. For organizations that have already licensed Office System 2003, InfoPath will provide an excellent means to automate data collection tasks. For use on systems not running Office System 2003, including Mac and Linux desktops, phones, PDAs, and even some PCs, XForms remains a better path.

Oh this isnt really related but a interesting case study anyway.

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