Stansted heaven

I know this will go up when I get back from holiday in a weeks time, but I just wanted to note that stanstead now has wireless networking in the form of BT Openzone. Now I'm thinking I'm got power from underneath one of those rack of TV monitors in the public departure areas. So wireless would be a god sent right now. And you know what I'm willing to pay the 15 pounds plus vat for 24 hour access. I'm going to be around stanstead for at least another 6 hours. Oh yeah wireless is charged at 6 pounds plus vat for 1hour otherwise. I just wish i could get a stronger signal from where i am.
I think the best form of action at the moment is wait and see how things go, as i got more than enough to do without wifi at the moment. Maybe pay the 60mins of access when I go into the departure lounge where the wireless signal is coming from. Then again, i know my flight will be delayed, so maybe the 24hr one wouldnt be such a waste.

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Author: Ianforrester

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