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Oh my goodness, I've been so slack its unreal.
I keep quoting bits from my blogging experienment last acdemic year, but never really published the final results.
And unfortually I never did, but I can represent what I already have. So here is the opml file and the converted html version.

Some background on the experiement,
I wanted to see how many hoops students would be willing to jump through to blog there work. A few students wrote a xml document which was handed out to the rest of the class in the summer term. The xml document was very long and overkill for a blog, but it was proposed as a blog and cv for a student through out there 2-3 years in Ravensbourne college. Work was done on it by Harry, Miles, Vanessa and Jc – All 1st year students with little to no experience of xml.
The blog was put up under and was done without any blogware. So all updates were sent to me over email where i could read them and then put them up on the site. So as you can see its quite a world away from the blog systems you see now. However I choose to make things difficult to test the barrier for entry.

In the end I moved all the blogs to blojsom under the /messaging/blogging/music video catergory. There all there for reading.

Some highlights from the experience

Students form a bond with the blog through what they write.
Vanessa complains about a kidney infection
Poil talks about the project and whole lot more

Students voice there real concerns and thoughts.
Julie vents her built up frustration
and before that
Harry bitches
kelvin tells me the truth without too much fear

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