Cleaning up, Bloglines vs Flock

In my post during August I looked at the service bloglines. And honestly I have been checking out bloglines over the last month, and I like it but its not for someone like me. I have flock and I use it for reading feeds plus more. Bloglines is perfect for someone who just wants to read there feeds and thats all. I thought avantgo would beable to read my bloglines and display it on my ipaq, but it wasnt to be. Actually Flock did a better job at that.

I havent yet messed with the flock *.war file yet, but i will soon because the javascript open thingy is a pain in the arse. Would also be nice to intergrate the flock css into the cubicgarden one. Obvioulsy all this isnt possible with bloglines. I will be interested in seeing what other services popup and if bloglines will stay up with the massive server and bandwidth requirements needed with every single rss feed added by a user. I mean flock works hard and eats a lot of memory and thats only one user.

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Author: Ianforrester

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