New phone needed

My contract is up on my 2.5g phone, I currently own a T68 which has been upgraded to a T68i.

But all that aside, I'm going to pass my T68 on to my wife whos on pay as you go. But I need a phone just like my T68 but with a decent camera. Ideally it would beable to take videos not only pictures.

So whats the choices?

Sony Ericsson Z600, even though I hate flip phones this is better than the T610 I feel.

The Sony Ericsson T610 is the natrual choice and is currently free with a new contract. I noticed the T610's picture resoultion is half of the T68 with the extra camera

I have considered buying a different brand, but I need a phone with decent bluetooth support. Some of the Siemans are looking decent now. The only Nokia I would consider is the Nokia 3650 because its not quite a smartphone so it wont replace the features of my ipaq. But it has a MMC and can record mpeg4 video. And I bet its smoother than my 3g phone. I was also going to say I could get a smartphone and duplicate some features.

Something like the Sony Ericsson P800 or even the P810 now. Or I could consider the Orange SPV or SPV2 if that had a decent camera.

I think I'm gonna wait a little longer before i make the jump.

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Gone to the Blogs

Some pictures taken with my ericsson communcam.

Gone to the blogs

Noteable points.

Met the guy behind, Tom Coates

Blogging for the mainstream
What are the barriers for entry? and should there be any? specially in regards to the live journal, blogger and aol users starting to blog. Is the current blogsphere going to welcome all these extra users?

Are blogs a revolution or really a evolution?
Ground up publishing or peoples voices is the name of the game here?

Blogging outside
Are blogs much more interesting when there focusing outside the blogsphere? Is there too much self reference in the blogsphere and emphase on blogging it first?

Do we have the right infustructure to blog? And I dont mean network. I'm of the view blogs need to be more structured than they currently are. But without making the experience of blogging more complex than it currently is at the moment. I think the metablog Atom spec will go along way in solving this problem. Also this is key in the Semantic web vision.

Why do people read blogs?
Interesting question that no one really answered in depth.

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The london designer events calender

Its bizarre how these things happen or better still how they start happening.
I while ago I wanted to create some kind of ical service which would allow a small community of designers to share calender dates. And it kind of work except for one thing. You need more than just a webdav server to allow multiple people to change one ical file. Damm I thought, oh well move on.
But its been bugging me still, and when I met Louise Fergonson at this AIGA event. The memories started coming back.

See Louise actually manually keeps a kind of blog of upcoming events in London which designers would be interested in going to. I personally found it great and attended the Spiked gone to the blogs event because of her.

So whats the problem then? Well the problems are these.

I can not sydicate the events, which may sound pretty pettie but it means I have to return to her events page everytime I want to check.

I still have to manually copy and paste events into outlook or any other calender program I'm using.

So yes these may sound pettie, and I dont want to put down the seriously hard work Louise has put into the events page. But with a bit of xml magic, it shouldnt be a problem to create a rss feed and a icalendar.

How is this possible? Well this is in theory and quickly,
Louise's Html seems pretty messed up, it doesnt validate as xhtml as there is no doctype or things like that. So I will run it thought Cocoon's html tidy pipeline then start using xsl to filter out all the navigation and stuff, at which I should be left with only the content. Another xsl pipeline (or the same?) will turn the content into structured xml (may use ical or invent my own for now). Once its in that format I can turn it into anything I like. I am going to create rss feed to start off with then go about creating icals.
Will expalin better later, if that made no sense.

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