Gone to the Blogs

Some pictures taken with my ericsson communcam.

Gone to the blogs

Noteable points.

Met the guy behind plasticbag.org, Tom Coates

Blogging for the mainstream
What are the barriers for entry? and should there be any? specially in regards to the live journal, blogger and aol users starting to blog. Is the current blogsphere going to welcome all these extra users?

Are blogs a revolution or really a evolution?
Ground up publishing or peoples voices is the name of the game here?

Blogging outside
Are blogs much more interesting when there focusing outside the blogsphere? Is there too much self reference in the blogsphere and emphase on blogging it first?

Do we have the right infustructure to blog? And I dont mean network. I'm of the view blogs need to be more structured than they currently are. But without making the experience of blogging more complex than it currently is at the moment. I think the metablog Atom spec will go along way in solving this problem. Also this is key in the Semantic web vision.

Why do people read blogs?
Interesting question that no one really answered in depth.

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