TvBrick home server

Was flicking through Digital home magazine the other day and came across TVbrick.

Its basicly a TV recorder capble of broadcasting over the internet. The TV brick is able to stream programmes stored on its hard drive to other pc's or another tv brick reciever which plugs into a TV. The idea is that streams will be password protected . But theres nothing stopping people from giving out the password to anyone out there, including publishing it on the internet.
It requires a broadband connection of at least 256kps to stream, making it perfect for uk adsl subscribers.

At this moment it seems TVbrick is sold as to international families, who want to send streams from japan to europe. But it wont take long to reverse engineer this device. Saying that too, the whole system is built on open source software so its not even needed to reverse. details everything needed to build a tvbrick compatable device. Depending on pricing and availablity this could be a decent option for those of limited technical ability. The BeOS of streaming?

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Author: Ianforrester

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