Revisiting Be OS

Its been a long time since I looked at BeOS. But reading in the beginning there was a command line and my lack of knowledge about linux, I thought I'll have a look and see what BeOS are up to.

Well to keep things really short, I installed BeOS XP Max edition, as it supports the amd athlon XP processor. Also it seemed fine about most of my other odd hardware. Unlike Linux, correct me if I'm wrong.

But theres a problem!
I've installed it and had no problems, but can someone please tell me how to start it! I swear theres no straight forward way to start it. I would ideally like to add a menu option to the boot menu, so I can decide to drop into beOS rather than Windows XP.

Anyway I'm sure I'll work it out soon. Till then heres a few good links which I picked up.

Creator of the first BeOS/OpenBeOS Distribution
Community of BeOs supporters
My all the web simple search

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