Mozblog, blogging over xmlrpc

this is a test post from mozblog

Mozblog allows me to connect directly with blojsom using the blogger API over xml-rpc. Its kinda of works but doesnt. As far as I got on my screen remotely I cant read my posts because it ignores all html files and only sees text files. So I could change my html files to text i guess.
Also when I hit publish, it throws a error, but still publishes it. Very weird error about objects…
Mozblog does support per entry metadata, so I can now start adding more details to each blog, expect more in this area soon…
Oh and it supports not only BloggerAPI but Metafilter and a couple others. So you can use it for anything from Moveabletype to Blojsom.

A few moans…
It does allow you to ftp your images to the server if it does ftp, but why not also support webdav?
And what makes it difficult for me to even think about deploying this in ravensbourne is the server address, username and password are all tucked away in the settings. So unless we can get moz reading its preferences from LDAP, basicly it wont work in the college.

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