The ravensbourne blogger system outlined

I and many around me have been thinking this out for over a year now.
Ravensbourne (my college) should be more like a isp. We will supply a few services which students will get as standard as being part of the college. We have talked about the kinda of services, but not really wrote it down as far as i know? Even my students are now coming to me and saying, wouldt this and that be great to have.
Recent example some 2nd years were experienmenting with a wiki and saying we shoul dhave one in college for students. I first said theres no reason why you cant run it off your own laptop for internal use only. No thats not good enough they replied. We want outide access too.

Anyway, heres the list as it stands at the moment I would be safe in saying.

Blogging via blojsom 1.9 with a established set of metadata.
So studnets can fill in there simple text files but also add semantic meaning to items they talk about. This directory will also be webdav'ed, so students can also use other desktop blogging tools and access there blogs from any computer which has a webdav client.

We might think about intergrating blojsim support, so students can blog via there instant messager client too. There will be another directory just for webpages, so each student can have a website too. Maybe there will be a pre generated version already when they first log in which uses there information from ldap. Then they can mess around with the css and html if there confident with them?
Not finished…

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