Xml in the public sector

So finally did my talk in west london yesterday at Osney media.
I had to skip certain sections of presentations because we were running behind time before I got started anyway. Which was a shame because there were some very useful parts which people asked questions about afterwards, which I had to explain.

I was also part of the panel dissucssion afterwards which was great. The topic was open source vs closed source. And i was very privilaged to be with 3 great guests. Orginally I was worried that I would be the only person with the open source hat on, turned out to be the opposite. Everyone had there open source hat on.
Anyway the pannel was a guy from the national archives, one of the heads of the e-envoy, me and a guy from open forum europe. It was a great dissussion and we did spend a long time promoting the open source movement to the managers of the public sector. I feel on the biggest things that came out of the talk was the guy from the openforum's remarks about having a open govenment with open source software – its the only way to do it. Also using open source software but selling it in a closed way, with the things you dont usually get much of with open source software – support and the like.

Anyway on the final count, most of the managers were sure they were using open source software anyway somewhere in there business.

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Author: Ianforrester

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